Finally, No Landscape

Or, the landscape is the highway, it is us, with our cars and the transportation of goods to and from the Brenner Pass, the town in the valley and the looming mountains along with concrete walls, noise barriers and the Isarco River, roaring below the bridges of Bressanone.

Photo: Leonhard Angerer

Photo: Leonhard Angerer

Design Architects, Construction Supervision: Modus Architects (Matteo Scagnol, Sandy Attia)
Design team: Irene Braito, Isabella Napolitano, Christian Rohrer
Civil and Structural Engineering
Bressanone: Mario Valdemarin
Varna: Eut, Ilf
Construction management
Bressanone: Mario Valdemarin,
Varna: Eut, Ilf
Engineering team
Bressanone: Donatella Mossenta, Paolo Nannucci, Dieter Schölzhorn
Varna: Georg Fischnaller, Francesco Beretta
Underground and geotechnical consultant: Enrico Maria Pizzarotti
Geological consultant: Icilio Starni
Technological systems consultant: Mattia Betti, Claudio Orlati
Projekt manager: Josef Röck with/con Margit Berger
Client: Autonomas Province Of Bolzano
Josef March, Valentino Pagani, Gustavo Mischi
General Contractor: PAC S.p.A
Built length: 4,682 km
Cost: 109,8 Mio Euro
Design phase: 2002 – 2006
Construction phase: August 2006 – April 2012

The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 35 Vol. 22.

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