Notes from the Reeds

Interventions in the fragile natural environment are a delicate endeavour, requiring maximum sensitivity in order to create a dialogue with the surroundings and help us understand the context.

Photo: Miran Kambič

Everything has been different in the Škocjanski Zatok (Škocjan Inlet) since March this year. At the same time, everything has been the same. Different, because the park has obtained new infrastructure, consisting of as many as 14 built structures; the same, because everything associated with the natural qualities of the reserve has been preserved. It is precisely this bipolar approach to the renovation of the Škocjanski Zatok that helps us to understand the context that the architects followed when creating their designs. Through the creative process, a special relationship was continuously created, a dialogue between the protected natural environment and urbanised man-made interventions.

Photo: Virginia Vrecl

architecture: Ravnikar Potokar arhitekturni biro:
Robert Potokar, Janez Brežnik, Urša Komac, Špela Kuhar, Ajdin Bajrović, Mateja Šetina
landscape architecture: Urša Komac
structural engineering: Vilko Šuligoj
electrical engineering: David Furlan
mechanical engineering: Igor Papež
investor: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning,
the operation was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
client: DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia
competition: 2005, 1st prize
designs: 2006-2010
completion: 2014-2016
total area of structures: 810 m²
site area: 120.000 m²

The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 38, Summer 2016, Vol. 24.

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