Nostalgia Reflecting in Water Droplets

In addition to representing high-quality architecture, the renovation of the Kolezija swimming pool complex also represents the rebirth of a derelict sports and recreation icon, as well as the revival of a once popular gathering place for Ljubljana residents.

The Kolezija swimming pool is the oldest facility of its kind in Ljubljana and experienced its golden years between the 1970s and the turn of the millennium. It was where the best Slovenian swimmers set their records, while other residents strengthened their sporting spirit and cooled down in the shade of the mighty treetops.

Photo: Virginia Vrecl

Photo: Virginia Vrecl

Design team: Robert Potokar, Tanja Košuta, Mateja Šetina, Andrej Strehovec
Competition Team: Robert Potokar, Špela Kuhar, Ajdin Bajrović, Mateja Šetina
Client: City Municipality of Ljubljana
Structural engineering: Vilko Šuligoj, Projekt d.d. Nova Gorica
Mechanical engineering: Simon Furlan, HVAC PROJEKT d.o.o., Ljubljana
Electrical engineering: Tomi Križaj, TE BIRO d.o.o., Ljubljana
Building Physics and Details: Peter Žargi
Competition: 2009, 1 Place
Designs: 2011-2014
Construction: 2014-2015
Floor area:
site area 8757 m²
building area 4663 m²
pool area 1427 m²
Contractor: GP Krk d.d., Krk in CBE inženiring d.o.o., Ljubljana

The complete article is published in Winter issue of Piranesi No. 37 Vol. 23.

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