New issue of PIRANESI was published in August 2013

Cover photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

New issue of PIRANESI, 1. Central-European Architectural Magazine for the Culture of the Environment, was published in August 2013: Summer 2013, Piranesi No. 32/Vol. 21.

Column Architectural icon is representing Liget Office Building, Headquarters of Nationale Nederlanden Hungary, the former Mémosz Building from 1950, which is considered to be the last modernist building realised by the Hungarian state before Socialist Realism became the official architecture. At the turn of the new millennium, the office part of the building was substantially renovated to start a second life, but the adjacent auditorium, where the communist party once held their annual meetings, is still awaiting a new use. The article was written by architect Emiel Lamers from Netherlands.

Column Interview is presenting Austrian architect Heinz Tesar. He belongs to the generation of Viennese architects who were taught by Professor Ronald Rainer and commenced their creative careers in the 1970s.

A selection of contemporary projects of Central Europe is represented in column New Architecure: Home for the Elderly in Idrija, Slovenia, PUNKL Youth Hostel in Ravne in Koroška, Slovenia, Renovation and Extension of Residential and Office Building Neustiftgasse in Vienna, Austria, The Contemporary Interpretation of a Traditional Zagorje House in Kumrovec, Croatia, The “Terminal Nord” Shopping Centre in Udine, Italy, Refurbishment of La Serenissima Office Building in Milan, Italy, Integrated technical and economical high school ISŠTE in Sokolov, Czech Republic.

The issue is concluded with Design of Primož Jeza and three reviews of Slovenian architectural books.

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