Eco-Classicism: Responding to technological eco-mania purely with the basics of sustainable architecture in Office Building 2226

Use the best possible materials and reveal the qualities of those materials and the craftsmanship of their assembly.”

Karl Friedrich Schinkel

“Less is more.”
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

When talking to colleagues, we have often lamented our own fate in having to adapt our architectural solutions to the unfavourable and changing local climatic conditions of Europe, where, in the space of a year, we experience both extremes in terms of temperature, apparently requiring technologically complex and expensive planning, as well as a lot of delving into details. 

Photo: Eduard Hueber

Photo: Eduard Hueber

Planning: Baumschlager Eberle, Lochau
Project Architect: Jürgen Stoppel
Assistance: Hugo Herrera Pianno, Markus Altmann
Art: James Turrell, Flagstaff, US
Client: AD Vermietung OG
General Contractor: Rhomberg Bau GmbH
Structural Engineer: Mader & Flatz Ziviltechniker GmbH
Building Physics: Ingenieurbüro Kurzemann GmbH
Lightplanning: Ingo Maurer, SYMETRYS
Electroplanning: Elmar Graf GmbH
Energy Optimization: Lars Junghans
Site Area: 4.037 m²
Area Of Building: 543 m²
Gross Floor Area: 3.201 m²
Net Floor Area: 2.421 m²
Building Volume: 13.138 m³
Commencement Of Planning: 1/2006
Commencement Of Work: 2/2012
Completion: 4/2013

The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 35 Vol. 22.

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