Rhythm, Landscape, Materials

The design idea of an architectural object mediating between the built environment and the agricultural landscape is the point of departure for the creation of an object of great architectural refinement, which, in asserting its own authoritative and innovative identity, is expressed in a profound rooting in its context.

Photo: Mariano Dallago

Photo: Mariano Dallago

Photo: Mariano Dallago

Photo: Mariano Dallago


Rhythm, landscape, material and zero-kilometre architecture characterise the project by Mirko Franzoso for a Community Centre in Caltron (Trento), in Val di Non.

The rhythm is provided by the rows of apple trees that are present everywhere in the surrounding landscape, reinterpreted masterfully by the architect as a symbolic element in the designing of a vibrant view, eloquent and mimetic at the same time, almost magical.

An ordering and orderly geometry.

The landscape is that of the mountains of the Val di Non, interpreted in its most distinctive environmental characteristics of man-made landscape and natural landscape.

The materials, colours, external and internal appearance, construction technique, all link this project clearly and indissolubly to the context, to the landscape in which it is placed: larch wood and coloured cement to reinterpret the Trentino porphyry.

The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 40 Vol. 26.

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Project Data

architecture: Mirko Franzoso
structural engineer – concrete: Paolo Leonardi, Pro-engineering Claudio Cristoforetti
structural engineer – wood: Sergio Marinelli
plumbing system: Walter Dallago
electrical system: Giorgio Rollandini
client: Municipality of Cles
project: 10.2012 – 07.2013
construction: 04.2014 – 08.2015
cost: €750,000
location: Cles – TN
closed area 440 msq
total area 1120 msq