A contemporary reconstruction of a Renaissance palace

To emphasise its absence, Budapest architects MARP have replaced the missing corner of a ruined Renaissance palace with a Corten steel lookout point

How does one rebuild the missing part of a 16th century palace that was destroyed many decades ago? This question was raised in the brief of an open competition held in 2007, when the city of Pécs in southwest Hungary was awarded the title of the 2010 European Capital of Culture. The architects of MARP, together with the landscape architecture firm s73, also based in the Hungarian capital, provided a contemporary answer to this question. Instead of rebuilding the original stone corner, they designed an abstract L-shaped volume made of rusted steel.

Photo: Tamás Török

Photo: Tamás Török

Architecture: Marp – Dévényi Márton, Gyürki-Kiss Pál
Assistants: Holicska Ádám, Loszmann Dávid
Client: City of Pécs
Landscape: S73, Budapest
Structural engineering: Marosterv, Pécs
Steel construction planner: J.Reilly, Budapest
Electrical Planning: LM-Terv, Pécs
Mechanical services: écsi Mélyépítő Iroda, Pécs
Competition: 2007
Design: 2008-2010
Construction: 2009-2011
Gross area: 1040 m²

The complete article is published in Winter issue of Piranesi No. 33 Vol. 21.

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