A Place to Live

Vackov combines the best of both worlds: rural and urban living. The apartment complex has a human scale like a village, there are gardens here like in residential suburbs, and yet there’s room for some 350 people, just as many that live in an apartment block in Vinohrady.

Photo: Filip Šlapal

Photo: Filip Šlapal

Architect: UNIT architekti / Jiran Kohout architekti
Authors: Michal Kohout, David Tichý, Zdeněk Jiran
Colaboration: Zdeňka Pavelková, Adrian Ewig
Client: Metrostav Vackov
Net floor area: 11.000 m²
Realisation 07/2012
Number of dwelling units: 124
Dwelling´s structure:
2 – bedded: 32 (26%)
3 – bedded: 49 (39%)
4 – bedded: 43 (35%)

The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 34 Vol. 22.

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