Architecture as a Device for the Town, as Accentuation and Reinforcement of the Town 

The Bay of Kotor and the town of Kotor are filled with an energy that is rarely found in any of the towns in our surroundings, and it seems as if this energy holds all the elements and parts of its territory together. The indented maritime zone of the bay is framed by the robust strokes of high mountains. The topography of the terrain clearly and unmistakably keeps a firm grip on the organisation and morphology of the system. Sea, places, towns, paths and greenery – all of this is subordinated to the architecture of the global, as if it were all part of a grand and powerful project. It seems that nature and architecture are permeated with a miraculous force in a timeless moment.

Photo: Miljenko Bernfest

Photo: Damir Fabijanić

Photo: Damir Fabijanić

Designers: Katušić Kocbek architects: Jana Kocbek, Davor Katušić
Architectural office: Katušić Kocbek architects / BBiro
Associate designer: Krešimir Kolaković
Associate: Almir Ibrahimović
Structure: Mladen Uličević
Design: 2011
Completion: July 2012

The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 31 Vol. 20.

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