Small Architecture amongst Hungarian Vineyards

The architectural office Gereben Marián received the 2014 Piranesi award for the design of a tourist village in the Eger region of Hungary. The office was set up in 2010, prior to which the architects had worked independently on various projects, mainly in Hungary.

Photo: Ambrus Evva

Peter Gereben and Balazs Marián have only been working together for the past five years, but they have already managed to complete a number of realised projects and have other projects waiting to be built. Before working as a team, they worked in different architectural offices, honing their approach to various architectural tasks. The result of their five years of joint work is most clearly evident in the design of a small-scale tourist complex amongst the vineyards of the Eger region of Hungary.

Apartment Buildings in Gyermely, Hungary, 2013
Photo credits: Zsolt Frikker

Elementary School refurbishment and extention in Budaörs, Budapest, Hungary, 2015
Photo credits: Zsolt Frikker

Saint Mary’s Church in Szászberek, Hungary, 2002
Photo credits: László Lelkes

We have not yet formulated a motto, but we believe in personal identities, dialogue and the exploration and exploitation of the possibilities stemming from a given situation.

The complete article is published in Winter issue of Piranesi No. 37 Vol. 23.

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