Critical Distances

Vittorio Gregotti’s theoretical and critical work is characterised by a tension between the polar opposites of realism and criticism. The first completed elements of a large regeneration project in Udine may show a possible outcome of Gregotti’s dialectics – an outcome functioning as a statement of conscious permanence within the tradition of modernity.

Readers might find this contribution an ambitious oversimplification, for which I apologise in advance. This is due to the intellectual complexity of Vittorio Gregotti, as well as to my attempt to establish – through my limited, yet applied research, focusing on the project at hand – the meaning and the operational dimensions of some of Gregotti’s theoretical statements.

Photo: Marco Zanta, Ggregotti Associati

Photo: Marco Zanta, Ggregotti Associati

Photo: Marco Zanta, Ggregotti Associati

Concept Sketch by architects

Architectural Design: Gregotti Associati International, Milan: Vittorio Gregotti, Augusto Cagnardi, Michele Reginaldi
Project Manager: Michele Reginaldi
Associated Designers: Cristina Calligaris, Ilario Chiarel
Collaborators: Sandra Wenzel, Tania Zaneboni
Structural Design: Studio Enco _ Crema
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design: Studio Deimos, Studio Penta
S.T.I. Engineering: S. Daniele del Friuli
Chronology: 2005-2010

The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 32m Vol. 21.

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