Wine Terrace and Spa Hidden in a Vineyard

Photo: Dávid Lukács

Gereben Marián Architects modest design of a wine tasting complex integrates perfectly into the undulating landscape.

The surroundings of Eger in the northeast of Hungary are famous for their wine production. The region’s most famous brand is Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood), but it also hosts many smaller wine houses, including Almagyar Cardinal’s Vineyard (AÉS). Their new wine tasting facility is located in their 3.5 hectare vineyard, which is rather uncommon. In general, wine tasting takes place on the site where the wine is produced, but as the winery itself is located on the edge of an industrial zone and is therefore less attractive, the owners decided to build a wine tasting terrace in the middle of their wine grapes. The grapes are an unidentified varietal that winemaker Ference Csutorás found on a long-abandoned parcel at the Érseki vineyard. Together with psychiatrist Imre Csernus and graphic designer Péter Mészáros, he harvested the grapes and, after a long process of several years, started to produce a very fine wine. As the fields originally belonged to the Cardinal of Eger, the new wine was named “the Cardinal’s Secret Wine”.

Photo: Zsolt Frikker


Location: Archiepiscopal Vineyard, Almagyar
Client: Imre Csernus, Ferenc Csutorás, Péter Mészáros
Almagyar Archiepiscopal Wine Estate Ltd.
Architecture: Péter Gereben, Balázs Marián (Gereben Marián Architects Ltd.)
Project Team: Gergely Álmos, Tamás Mezey
Structural engineering: Zoltán V. Nagy
MEP: Olivér Mészáros
Lighting: Kálmán Nyilas
Graphic design: Péter Mészáros
Constructor: Imre Mészáros
Contractor: Imre Mészáros
Vineyard: 3.5 ha
Built-in area: 230 m2
Grape plantation: 2007-2012
Construction: 2012-2014

The complete article is published in Winter issue of Piranesi No. 37 Vol. 23.

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