A Straightforward Representation of an Extinct Volcano

Architect László Földes’ winning design of a visitor centre represents the spirit and essence of a volcano.

On first sight, this straightforward concrete cubic building might not make you think of a volcano, but this is what Budapest-based architect László Földes had in mind when he participated in the competition for a new visitor centre. Földes was not interested in designing a building in a pyramid form, but the “‘architectural route” through the interior and the use of rough, natural materials give visitors the feeling of being inside a volcano.

Photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

Photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

Principal Designer: Földes László

Project Architect Team: Földes László, Balogh Csaba, Tatár-Gönczi Orsolya
Collaborating architects: Sirokai Levente, Sónicz Péter, Deigner Ágnes
Structural engineering: V. Nagy Zoltán
Mechanical engineering: Léderer György
Electrical engineering: Balázs Judit
Installation design: Vásáros Zsolt
Contributing volcanologist: Karátson Dávid
Exhibition concept: Sz. Szilágyi Gábor
Programme: Specific museum building to represent the volcanic history of the territory
Competition commission: 2009, 1st prize
Area: 965 m²
Year of design: 2011
Completion: April 2013
Cost: 1.238.000. €
Client: Celldomolk City Council

The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 34 Vol. 22.

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