A House Shaped by the Bora 

The Bora is an invisible architect that has shaped the wild and majestic stone slopes of the Velebit mountain range and Pag, while a stone house has been skilfully incorporated into this environment.

Photo: Damir Fabijanić

Lukovo Šugarje is located on the point of contact of the southern slopes of Velebit and the Adriatic Sea. Along this stretch below Velebit, from Starigrad Paklenica to Karlobag and continuing further up to Senj, nature shows all of its magnificent power and eternal beauty almost simultaneously.

Architect: Davor Mateković, PROARH

Collaborator: Bojana Benić

Location: Lukovo Šugarje, Croatia

Plot area: 266 m²

Gross area: 150.8 m²

Design: 2012 – 2013

Completion: 2014

The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 38, Summer 2016, Vol. 24.

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