Community under a Single Roof

A project reflecting rich culture, tradition, modern technology and strong human will.

Photo: caravatti_caravatti architetti

Photo: caravatti_caravatti architetti

Photo: caravatti_caravatti architetti

Photo: caravatti_caravatti architetti

The issue of developing countries, or to be more precise the architecture of developing countries, has a deep-rooted history in Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The events of the past 40 years have been characterized by various ups and downs, and have included a number of development programs, research projects, and local aid programs that have always had one common denominator: respect for local culture.

Sub-Saharan Africa, Black Africa[1], is probably one of the most conflict-ridden parts of the continent, and one of the most complex, but also a geographical area rich in history, including urban history.

The Psychomotor Rehabilitation Center, or JIGIYA SO, is a good example of one or the latest programs of development aid, and an excellent contribution by Emilio and Matteo Caravatti. The centre represents a high point of the well-structured program for public infrastructure completed by the West African Office in the last fifteen years.

What is surprising about the project is the use of calibrated and suitable language, along with the refined and unexpected use of techniques, technologies and local cultural teachings that go beyond the ethnic and social context.

[1]From 1992 to 1996 I was active as professor and researcher at lObafemi Awolowo University di Ile-Ife in Nigeria on behalf of European Economic Community. Later I participated in the UN Settlement Upgrading Program working on the redevelopment of the Mapo Hill quarter of the Nigerian megalopolis Ibadan.


The complete article is published in Winter issue of Piranesi No. 37 Vol. 23.

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Project Data

caravatti_caravatti architetti: Emilio Caravatti, Matteo Caravatti

Chiara Gugliotta, Elena Verri, F. Baldessari,
Mattia Calore, Emile Coulibaly, F. B. Panero

FV progetti Milano

Energy Systems

Fondazione Francesco Pianzola, Mortara (PV) Italia

Entreprise Ouattarà Construction, Bamako Republic of Mali

Site Area 2400 m²

Area Edificata 700 sqm + 700 sqm porches

Program development 2005-2010
Building site April 2011- September 2014
War period stop March 2012 – January 2013
Inauguration December 2014

Cost 315.000 €