On a New Chapel in Salgenreuthe

A chapel, which was initiated by a small community working together in the countryside – architecture which emerges from the context of social practice; it is neither great art producing never before seen objects, nor service in the interest of the optimal utilisation of capital.

Photo: Adolf Bereuter

Photo: Adolf Bereuter

Photo: Adolf Bereuter

Photo: Adolf Bereuter

The general advancement and penetration of this ideology into all societal relations in the 19th century provoked a counter-reaction. “When numbers and figures | are no longer keys to everything created| when those who sing or kiss| know more than the learned scholars… then at a single secret word | this whole wrongheaded existence will fly away.” This was written at the beginning of the 19th century by the romantic poet Novalis, and many of his contemporaries found this secret word in Catholicism.

The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 38, Summer 2016, Vol. 24.

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Project Data


bernardo bader architekten

Project Manager
Joachim Ambrosig

Municipality of Krumbach

Residents of plots Au, Zwingen and Salgenreute

merz kley partner

Start of planning

Start of construction and Completion
07-2015, 04-2016

Land Area
1.200 m²

Gross Floor Area
45 m²

Gross Cubage
340 m³