On a New Chapel in Salgenreuthe

A chapel, which was initiated by a small community working together in the countryside – architecture which emerges from the context of social practice; it is neither great art producing never before seen objects, nor service in the interest of the optimal utilisation of capital.
Florian Aicher, from Piranesi Autumn 2017, No. 39, Vol. 25.

Photo: Adolf Bereuter

Photo: Adolf Bereuter

Salgenreute Chapel in Krumbach was presented in detail in Piranesi Autumn 2017, No. 39, Vol. 25.

Interview with architect Bernardo Bader was presented in Piranesi Autumn 2013, No. 33, Vol. 21.

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Project Data

Architect: bernardo bader architekten
Project Manager: Joachim Ambrosig
Client: Municipality of Krumbach
Initiators: Residents of plots Au, Zwingen and Salgenreute
Structure: merz kley partner
Start of planning: 2014
Start of construction and Completion: 07-2015, 04-2016
Land Area: 1.200 m²
Gross Floor Area: 45 m²
Gross Cubage: 340 m³