Cemetery in a Landscape Park

When a city or town grows, it is only natural that in addition to schools, preschools, and sports facilities it will build a cemetery. In Dolní Břežany near Prague, the town has established a new cemetery and, along with it, a landscape park as well.

Photo: Aleš Jungmann

Photo: Aleš Jungmann

Photo: Architect's archive

Photo: Architect’s archive

Dolní Břežany is an example of a successful, growing community in the immediate vicinity of Prague. Since 1990, the number of inhabitants has increased nearly fourfold: As the headquarters of several leading science and technology institutions, Břežany attracts highly qualified and educated people in particular. The town’s leadership works to make sure that new developments and public space are of a high level of quality, and so in recent years Břežany has become an almost mandatory destination for architects and anyone with an interest in contemporary architecture. Besides residential complexes and a new square with shops and services, much attention has focused on the newly renovated school buildings, a new sports hall, and the exceptionally high-quality design of the town’s public spaces. A new park in the center of town was designed by landscape architects from the Sendler-Babka Studio, who are also behind the new cemetery on the southwestern edge of town. Their design places the cemetery into a composed landscape by incorporating it into a newly established landscape park that, in a few years, will form a green interface between the town and the open countryside.

Project Data

Location: Dolní Břežany, Lhotecká ulice

Author: Atelier of Landscape Architecture Sendler, Zdeněk Sendler and Václav Babka

Co-author: Radka Táborová

Client: Town of Dolní Břežany

Total cost: 12,5 mil. Kč

Total area of park: 38,700 m² ; of this, cemetery: 3,300 m²

Main contractors: architektura Kurz, Aleš Kurz
EKIS – Jiří Pospíšil
Umělecké kovářství – Vratislav Černý

Planning: 2010 – 2014

Realization: 2013 – 2016