Massive Revaluation

In the southern foothills of Vorarlberg, a V-shaped valley blazes a trail towards Silvretta, Vorarlberg’s highest mountain massif. The valley begins where Walgau and the Kloster Valley merge. With a topographic needle eye, it welcomes the locals and guests who, by rail, federal road or the newly created cycle path, here enter the Montafon Valley, bustling with tourists. In parallel, the torrential and flood-prone Ill River paves its way, while the Alfenz River crosses the path of passers-by from the east and directs its waters from the Kloster Valley into the bed of the opulent river from the Montafon Valley. The newly constructed concrete bridge spans the Alfenz River a few meters before the confluence, granting walkers and cyclers safe passage.


Photo: Marc Lins

Photo: Marc Lins

Design Architects:
Marte.Marte Architekten: Bernhard Marte, Stephan Marte

Client: Country of Vorarlberg, Departement of Roadworks
Statics: M+G Ingenieure
Construction firm: Tomaselli Gabriel Bau GmbH
Site: 6700 Lorüns, L188, km 85.5
Fall arrester: stainless steel wire net d=1.5mm, mesh width 80x139mm, spanned on stainless steel wire d=8mm
Span length: ca. 33m
Total area: 116 m²
Length: 38.3m
Height: 3.8-4.3m
Width: 4.2-4.7m
Weight: ca. 300t
Beginning of construction: May 2010
Completion of Construction: September 2010

The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 31 Vol. 20.

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