Architecture Adapted to Education

The high-quality architecture of the complex was achieved through the intelligent superimposition of classical typological solutions on the contextual specificities of the location.

Journey from the city centre towards Kajzerica

The shortest way from the centre of Zagreb to the educational complex in Kajzerica passes through Savska cesta. This diagonal is an old connecting road between the city centre and the Sava River, which, according to history, was constructed on the initiative of Emperor Joseph II himself, as was the first Sava Bridge. At that time, Savska cesta connected the centre with the city baths, which, along with Maksimir in the east of the city, served as the main recreational centre of Zagreb at that time.

Photo: Sandro Lendler

Photo: Sandro Lendler

Project Title: School and Kindergarten Building within the Kajzerica Educational Complex in Zagreb
Architects: Vedran Pedišić, Emil Špirić, Erick Velasco Farrera, Juan Jose Nunez Andrade
Associates: Gordana Gregurić Miočić, Iva Marjančević Vuksanić, Mladen Hofmann, Igor Blaha, Antonija Milovac
Mechanical Engineering, Water and Sewage System: Goran Tomek
Electrical Engineering: Marijan Marciuš
Fire Protection and Safety at Work : Melita Kanceljak Marelić
Contractors : Gradnja d.d. Osijek, Zagreb – Montaža d.o.o, Teh-gradnja d.o.o.
Developers: Sangrad + Avp
Year of Design: 2008
Year of Construction: 2014
Site Area: 29 602 m²
Total Floor Area: 16 220 m²

The complete article is published in Winter issue of Piranesi No. 37 Vol. 23.

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