Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom 

Europe, a continent in upheaval, where once prosperous regions are declining and others are lifting themselves from the shadows and stepping into the bright light. The latter category includes Vorarlberg, which has awoken from the twilight of history in the last third of the century. It goes without saying that the region, which in the past decades has become a driving force of innovation in the country primarily due to architecture, design and art, is in search of a new self-image. With the new “Vorarlberg Museum” by architects Cukrovicz Nachbaur, the region gives itself a new and radiant image.

Photo: Adolf Bereuter


Photo: Adolf Bereuter

Partner: Andreas Cukrowicz, Anton Nachbaur-Sturm
Projekt Leader: Stefan Abbrederis
Competition Assistence: Christian Schmölz
Project Planning Assistence: Martin Ladinger, Philipp Schertler, Martina Berlinger, Michael Abt, Vera Hagspiel, Julia Grund, Emanuel Gugele, Laura Untertrifaller, Graham Barry
Architecture and Project Management: Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architekten ZT GmbH, Bregenz
Client: Land Vorarlberg
Contract: Generalplaner
Area: 1.530 m²
Competition: 1. Preis 2007
Realisation: 2010-2013
Cost Management Project Preparation: bau-data baucontrol
Specifications: GBD ZT
Construction Management: Albrecht Bau- und Projektmanagement
Geotechnology: 3P Geotechnik ZT
Structural Engineer: Mader Flatz ZT
Building Physics and Acoustics: DI Dr. Lothar Künz ZT
Electrical Engineer: IHM Ingenieurbüro Hiebeler Mathis OG
Façade Planning: KuB Fassadentechnik OG
Environmental Planning: Spektrum – Zentrum für Umwelttechnik und -management

Art and Architecture
Fasade: Manfred Alois Mayr / Geometrie Urs B. Roth, Panoramaroom Florian Pumhösl
Signaletics: Sagmeister Inc., Sigi Ramoser Sägenvier DesignKommunikation

The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 34 Vol. 22.

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