New Learning in the Trees  

The City of Graz has created future-oriented and sustainable architecture with the new building of the Maria Grün Primary School in the green suburbs. In addition to compliance with passive house standards with the use of domestic wood species, new forms of teaching and learning are enabled and promoted. The built space consciously takes over the task of a third teacher.

Photo: Markus Kaiser, Graz

Photo: Markus Kaiser, Graz

The City of Graz has been able to reap the rewards of steady growth for quite some time. Thus, as the scientific and educational centre of Styria, it has to meet a growing demand for adequate school buildings. That is why targeted measures for the next generation have already been put in place. In addition to future-oriented learning and teaching concepts, this primarily involves the energy-efficient implementation of new and reconstructed buildings.

Contract: 1. Preis eu-wide open two-step
competition: 1st prize
Client: gbg Building and Construction Management Graz GmbH
Completion: July 2014
Architectural Planning: Philipp Berktold, Dornbirn, Susanne Bertsch, Dornbirn, Christoph Kalb, Bregenz
Project Management: Philipp Berktold, Dornbirn, Christoph Kalb, Bregenz
Structural Engineering: Kratzer Civil Engineering Office, Graz
Construction Physics: Rosenfelder + Höhler, Graz
Building Services Engineering: hsl Armin Saier, Graz
Energy: Certified Passive House School (ph Institute Darmstadt)

The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 38, Summer 2016, Vol. 24.

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