Final Jury Report

The international jury for the 24thPiranesi awards met on 23 and 24 November 2012 in Mestna galerija Piran.
Award is financialy supported by Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia.

The members of the jury, composed of this year’s lecturers, were:
– Heinz Tesar, Vienna
– Boris Podrecca, Vienna
– Maroje Mrduljas, Zagreb
– Jesús Castillo Oli, Aguilar de Campoo
– William J. R. Curtis, Cajar
– Friedrich Achleitner, Vienna
– Andrija Rusan, Zagreb
– Vladimir Slapeta, Praga
– Andrej Hrausky, Ljubljana
– Jurij Kobe, Ljubljana
President of the jury: William J. R. Curtis
The jury was led by Ana Struna Bregar and Majda Bozeglav-Japelj.

37 projects, exposed at Piranesi exhibition 2012 were selected by national selectors from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia. 16 students’ projects were selected by students’ selectors from Faculties of Architecture from Graz, Vienna, Split, Zagreb, Pescara, Trieste, Ljubljana and Maribor.
The criteria of selection for the Piranesi exhibition were:
– considered setting in an urban or natural space
– contemporary innovative spatial plan and layout
– respectful approach to the natural and cultural heritage
– contemporary understanding of traditional and autochthonous architectural elements
– innovative details
– considered use of color, materials, texture and light
– spatial and design accordance with the context

International Piranesi Award 2012

Bernardo Bader
Islamic cemetery, Altach, Austria, 2011

A clear overall order well integrated in the landscape and responsive to the transition from life to death. The project establishes a spatial sequence and variations in meditative atmosphere, through the articulation of light and shade, and a consistent vocabulary of walls, floors and ceilings in direct materials. References to Islamic traditions are made in the geometry of the window screens, but also at a deeper level of abstraction. The project is also to be praised for its sobriety and restraint.

International Piranesi Honorable Mention 2012

act_ romegialli (Gianmatteo Romegialli, Angela Maria Romegialli, Erika Gaggia)
Hall rowers Moto Guzzi, Mandello lario lago di Como, Italiy, 2010

The project follows the traditional and complex simplicity of the rational movement in the thirties by Como’s architects. The Hall rowers complex beside the elementary dichotomy of two parallel and connected bodies with the long panoramic view towards lake Como, manifests a sensible approach to materiality and precision of detail, especially on the short facades. The project recalls the local ferry peers used on Como’s historical villas.

International Piranesi Honorable Mention 2012

LAAC Architects | Stiefel Kramer Architecture
Landhausplatz Innsbruck, Austria, 2010

This work represents a fresh moment in the discussion of urban landscape. The question remains what place is accorded to multiple uses in a public space and what part we take limited by questions of form? The project is worthy of attention, the formal aspect of the work and the sculptural approach of it.

International Piranesi Student’s Honorable Mention 2012

Janko Jelić, mentor: prof. Tonči Žarnić
Varaždin city eyot – Biotechnological landscape, Coratia, 2012

Situated on the drainage of the delta of river, the project proposes a hybrid combining public leisurescape, botanical garden and tree nursery. The Biotechnological park is organized in linear bands, creating artificial topography superimposed on natural landscape. Introduction of advanced autopurification system contributes to the sustainability of the project. The project proposes an advanced vision of environment, bringing together public programs, cultivation of biological processes, and sophisticated technology. The jury endorses such an
integral and brave approach.

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