A Strange Visitor

How to design a house inside a mature garden and not cut down any trees? This was the first question that architect Petr Hájek and his co-authors asked themselves when they assumed the task of designing a new home for a family of four in Lipence at the southern edge of Prague.

Photo: Benedikt Markel

Photo: Benedikt Markel

An old garden, yet one not too carefully composed, really a bit chaotic, planted piecemeal and growing just as life would have it. Trees and shrubs, conifers and deciduous growth, decorative and fruit-bearing: the imprints of the memory of a single family that had owned this garden for many long generations. At the garden’s centre stood a small wood cabin, which the Janka family used at weekends. Several years ago, the young couple with two children decided to replace the cabin with a full-scale house and move to Lipence permanently.

Architect: Petr Hájek Architekti
Main architect: Petr Hájek
Design participation: Cornelia Klien, Ondřej Lipenský, Martin Stoss
Client: private
Function: family house
Site area: 1627m²
Building area: 157m²
Total Floor Area: 137m²
Materials: concrete, plywood, glass, polyurethane foam + finish
Study: 2011
Completion: 2013-2014

The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 38, Summer 2016, Vol. 24.

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