Amongst the Aromatic Plants in Istria

The new Histria Aromatica complex in the vicinity of Bale in Istria is something special. On a hilltop once overgrown with Mediterranean shrubbery, an architectural story with a stunning view has come into being, presenting a visual image that draws upon the traditional Istrian heritage.

The architectural bureau Mikelić Vreš Arhitekti from Zagreb received a commission from an investor – a former chemist and his company dealing with the cultivation of aromatic plants and the production of natural medicinal and cosmetic products – to design a complex, an estate in the untouched natural environment of central Istria. They approached the task with great respect towards the space and above all towards the traditional architecture in the vicinity.

Photo: Ivan Dorotić

Photo: Ivan Dorotić

Architects: Marin Mikelić, Hrvoje Vidović,Tomislav Vreš
Design Firm: Mikelić Vreš arhitekti d.o.o.
Design Participation: Sara Pavlov, Silvija Pranjić, Stjepan Birač (architecture), Mateo Biluš (details, building physics), Mario Todorić, Toding (structural engineering), Srećko Zubak, Shema ZS (electrical engineering), Marinko Zečević, Citara (HVAC), Goran Vučković (plumbing engineering), Davor Belužić, Hobby bazeni (fountain engineering), Željko Mužević, Flamit (fire protection)
Function: residential – commercial – tourism
Client: Bioaromatica d.o.o.
Site Area: 100.000 m²
Building Area: 780 m²
Total Floor Area: 972 m²


The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 36 Vol. 23.

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