A Tactile Surrogate Home

The Complexity and Quality of Architectural Planning Make this Small Building a Social Space

Photo: Blaž Budja

Photo: Blaž Budja

Photo: Blaž Budja

Photo: Blaž Budja

The Maternity Home on the outskirts of the Slovene capital is intended for mothers with children up to age 14, and for pregnant women who have found themselves in temporary or lasting distress. The new building has seven residential rooms (two of which are duplexes, spanning two storeys), common multi-purpose areas, rooms for administration and professional services, a small playground along the building, and a parking lot.

The home can accept seven applicants who either come by themselves or are proposed for acceptance by professional service providers, and they can stay there for up to one year. The home offers its users rooms for a temporary stay, multi-purpose areas for socialising, and rooms for the provision of various services. The professional services the Maternity Home offers provide help to single mothers and pregnant women, with active assistance in resolving existential questions, and in processing and integrating their experience of social distress, by offering the social support needed to identify various problems, with the care, treatment and raising of children, with the expansion of their social networks, with the making of individual plans and related advocacy work, and with accompanying them in their contacts with other institutions[1].

[1]              Source: http://www.csd-lj-siska.si/matdom/matdom.asp (on 20/10/2017)


The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 39, Autumn 2017, Vol. 25.

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Project Data

Rok Jereb, Blaž Budja, Nina Majoranc

Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Basement 236,41m²
Ground floor 234,56m²
Attic 104,12m²
Site area 718,65m²
Built up area 281,92m²

Projects 2011-2012
Building and completion 2014-2016

Structural Engineering
Andrej Blatnik, Plata d.o.o.

Electrical Planning
Primož Poje, Tomaž Vrčon, Avelis d.o.o.

Mechanical Services
Marko Mervič, Marko Mervič s.p.

Adaptacije vzdrževanje d.o.o.

Furniture supplier
Atlas oprema d.o.o.