Modernism with a Personal Approach

Architect Stanko Kristl belongs to the oldest generation of architects who studied with Professor Edvard Ravnikar and then started their individual professional careers in the late 1950s. His career has been very successful, as more than 60 buildings have been constructed following his plans, many of which are recognised as the best architectural examples of their particular typology. His apartment building in Prule, Ljubljana, or the commercial-residential building in Velenje are still among the most acclaimed examples of residential architecture in Slovenia. The same applies to the Kranj Elementary School, where Kristl adopted an innovative approach by using atriums, thus breaking away from the conventional use of school corridors. Stanko Kristl lectured at the Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture and at the Department of Landscape Architecture of the Ljubljana Biotechnological Faculty. He has received a number of important prizes for his work, including the Prešeren Award, and he has been a regular member of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts since 2011. Several galleries have exhibited his work, but we are still waiting for a comprehensive exhibition and monograph about his work.

Despite his venerable age, Stanko Kristl is still a resourceful interlocutor in discussions about architecture, spatial problems, the arts and the way of life. The present interview was conducted in Ljubljana, in October 2015.



Photo: Uroš Hočevar

General Hospital, Izola, Slovenia (1972–1988); drawing by Peter Kerševan, Izola realisation, 1st phase, no date, ink on board, 1004x707mm, Stanko Kristl’s archive

Now it is little problematic when the law is such that they always have to take account of the price. The cheapest option is not the optimum choice; the best needs to be chosen.

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