Sophistication (Excellence) of Concept and Detail

Within the framework of the topic of the Piran Days of Architecture, we publish an interview with the award-winning architect Bernardo Bader, who received the Piranesi Award 2012 for the Islamic Cemetery in Austria’s Vorarlberg. An architect of the younger generation, Bernardo Bader has been quite successful in the Austrian region of Vorarlberg in recent years.

Photo: Larry Williams

Architect Bernardo Bader has been honoured with numerous Austrian as well international awards for his work. In addition to last year’s Piranesi Award in Piran for the Islamic Cemetery, he is also the recipient of the Aga Khan Award. Before that, he received various special awards for his wooden architecture.

In Vorarlberg, clients, craftspeople and architects have always acted on the same plane with the objective of achieving something good together.

Salgenreuthe House,Krumbach, Austria, 2004
Photo: Architects Archive

The work on architectonic space is at the forefront in our studio. The kneading of available typologies to create something self-contained illustrates the methodology of finding rather than inventing.

House in the Field, Sulz,Austria, 2010
Photo: Architects Archive

House by the Swamp,Krumbach, Austria, 2013
Photo: Architects Archive


The complete article is published in Winter issue of Piranesi No. 33 Vol. 21.

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