The Essence of a Wall
An Archetype Turned into a Project

Photo credits: Gion Balthasar Von Alberini

Photo credits: Gion Balthasar Von Alberini

A honed intervention on the existing. An introverted, minimalist and calibrated project.

A reminder of the essentials.

A wall. A Semperian re-interpretation of a basic element of architecture.

An appropriate use of materials and matter, both treated with utter sophistication. Chromatically faultless.

The seemingly simple, basic project is an evident result of sophisticated research and knowledge, of trial and error, which have turned it into what everyone thinks it should be.

A crystal-clear and explicit work, revealing a decisive method in the approach. Starting from the implied aspects, the architect elaborated the underlying variables, and combined them to express their truthful essence.

She worked on perceptions, proportions, materials and the intangible nature of everything that turns a space into a place. She worked on memory.

It is more than obvious that Francesca Torzo worked on the diversity and multitude of perceptions, as well as on their interplay.

Photo credits: Gion Balthasar Von Alberini

Photo credits: Gion Balthasar Von Alberini

Internal Team
Francesca Torzo architetto;
Francesca Torzo (project leader); Marco Guerra (senior collaborator): Antoine Lebot, Liaohui Guo, Pablo Brenas, Anna Opitz, Riccardo Amarri, Lorenzo Gatta, Előd Zoltan Golicza, Cyril Kamber, Besart Krasniqi, Jovan Minic, Andrea Nardi, Anna Oliva, Costanza Passuello, Alessandro Pecci, Domenico Shinga Pedroli, Nicola Torniamenti, Gion Balthasar von Albertini

Client: Z33 (Provincie Limburg)
Program: 4.664 m2 + exterior 300 m2
Type: Contemporary Art Gallery
Construction Costs: 8.800.000 eur incl.btw

Concorso / Competition: 2011
Beginning Final Design Phase: 2012
Beginning Building Site: 2017
Completion: 2019

Stability Advisor: Conzett Bronzini partner ag, ABT NL en Belgie nv
Services: Luca Pietro Gattoni
Local Team: ABT Belgie nv
Contractor: THV Houben Belemco

The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 41 Vol. 27.

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