A Journey through Time

The renovation of the former Dominican monastery into the Ptuj Congress and Cultural Centre

I am travelling. A black path, on a stairway, towards visitors’ seating, a sequence of diverse spatial experiences. I stroll through archaeological finds and observe the ground floor of the former gothic building from the first landing. The second landing: I perceive newly-discovered details of medieval architecture. Everywhere the colour white; how many shades of white! The path leads me upward, I continue, full of expectation; gradually, a view opens up of the Baroque church nave in its full glory. I sit down and observe in peace. My journey is over.

Photo: Miran Kambič

Photo: Miran Kambič

Design Architects: ENOTA – Dean Lah, Milan Tomac
Client: City Municipality of Ptuj
Project Team: Polona Ruparčič, Andrej Oblak, Maruša Zupančič, Alja Černe, Tjaž Bauer, Petra Ostanek, Nuša Završnik Šilec, Nebojša Vertovšek
Structural Engineering: Elea iC
Mechanical Installations: Nom biro
Electrical Installations: Elsing
Type: Invited Competition 2010 – First Prize
Floor Area: 3,527 m2
Budget: 4,400,000 EUR

The complete article is published in Winter issue of Piranesi No. 33 Vol. 21.

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