A Modernist Homage to Tradition

by Aleš Vodopivec

The business and residential complex Ferant Garden demonstrates that Prof. Edvard Ravnikar was not only the most visible and prominent representative of Modernism in Slovenia, but was also its most unrelenting critic. The design of Ferant Garden is an expression of Ravnikar’s critique of the block-of-flats residential construction that accompanied the growth and modernisation of cities in the mid-20th century, and a critique of the principles of modern urban planning that failed to recognise the social importance of open public spaces, streets and squares, or the programme diversity of the city parterre.

Photo: Damjan Gale Archive

Photo: Miran Kambič

The complete article is published in Autumn 2014 issue of Piranesi No. 35/Vol. 22.

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