A House with a Straw Hat and Glasses 

We have allowed ourselves to be slightly witty in this title because we think this is one of the qualities of the house in question – its wittiness, its lucidity… from the flooring made of tree trunks to the fence made of logs…


A straw hat is, of course, a head dress. In this case, however, it is a straw cloak, which is why the house located near Kumrovec can be recognised from afar. The interesting thing is that this straw coat descends even further than one might expect, continuing from the roof (the so-called “fifth facade”) and extending over the windows and the house’s plinth course, right down to the ground. Thus it could perhaps even be called a cover: a soft, grassy cover, typical of the hilly landscape of Zagorje, which looks as if it might stir and undulate, embracing the personal residence of architect Davor Mateković beneath itself.

Photo: Damir Fabijanić

Photo: Damir Fabijanić

Photo: Damir Fabijanić

Design Architect: Davor Mateković

Architectural Office: PROARH
Collaborator: Oskar Rajko
Contractor: R.T. COMMERCIUM
Site Area: 3865 m2
Built Area: 230 m2
Net Area: 163 m2
Design: 2011
Completion: 2012


The complete article is published in Summer issue of Piranesi No. 32m Vol. 21.

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