Architecture as a Bridge between Cultures

The Islamic Cemetery in Altach is the first Islamic cemetery ever constructed in the province of Vorarlberg and only the second in Austria.

Photo: Adolf Bereuter

The cemetery serves all of the Islamic communities from the various towns and cities of Vorarlberg, facilitating Islamic cemetery rituals and burials. The facility was built with a capacity of approximately 700 graves, and within its grounds is a structure designed to accommodate the ritual washing customary of Islamic funerals, as well as a small prayer space.

Photo: Adolf Bereuter

The cemetery was completed at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, nine years after the first idea of its construction had been born. Various Muslim communities and migrant associations in Vorarlberg came together around the idea of implementing a common burial ground in their adopted homeland, founding “The Islamic Cemetery Initiative ” in 2004. 

Photo: Architects Archive

Architecture: Bernardo Bader
PL architecture: Sven Matt
Construction management / Project management: Thomas Marte
Prayer room: Azra Aksamija
Awarding authority: Property management GmbH & Co KG of the Municipality of Altach
(Mayor Gottfried Brändle)
Client: Sponsoring association Islamic Cemetery | Municipality of Altach
Statics: MerzKley Partner
Structure: Exposed concrete
Graves: 700 graves (maximum capacity) / 700 Gräber Maximalkapazität
Property size: 8400 m²
Total area covered: 8000 m²
Competition: September 2007
Planning: 2008-2010
Construction: 2011-2012

The complete article is published in Winter issue of Piranesi No. 33 Vol. 21.

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