625 days – A House near Kőszeg

“The world is everything that is the case” (L. Wittgenstein)

Are there houses that cannot be talked about, about which one must remain silent? I am thinking of buildings whose sight, photos, or even just the experience of them at a physical level, can only affect a narrow dimension of interpretation. Everything important is somewhere else. Something that cannot be told.

Photo: József Martinkó

Photo: József Martinkó

The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 35 Vol. 22.

Vezető tervezők: Attila Béres, Jusztina Balázs
Design Phase: 2009-2010
Construction: 2010-2012
Working Days: 1230 + 40 = 1270
Main Building Area: 80 m²
Guest House Area: 30 m²
Total Area: 110 m²
Larch: 64 m³
Wood siding: 15 km
Insulation: 125m³
Screws: 150.000

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