“A Gesture of Love and Friendship”

The “Maria Grazia Cutuli” school in Herat, Afghanistan, is a result of many lucky coincidences, born from an initiative that sought to recall the work of a great Italian journalist.

Faced with the task of presenting the school in Herat, the architecture critic finds himself in an unusual and highly problematic position. His classic attitude towards his work is put seriously in question, not so much (or not only) because of the irremediable physical distance between the observer and the object that has to be described: the proposed physical and spatial reading can only be intuitive, bound to the virtual interpretation of drawings and photographs.

Photo: Giovanna Silva

Photo: Gianfranco Bombaci

The complete article is published in Autumn issue of Piranesi No. 35 Vol. 22.

Architects: 2A+P/A (Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo), IaN+ (Carmelo Baglivo, Luca Galofaro, Stefania Manna), ma0 (Massimo Ciuffini, Ketty Di Tardo, Alberto Iacovoni, Luca La Torre) and Mario Cutuli
2A+P/A: Valeria Bartolacci, Antonino Crea, Domenica Fiorini, Maxim Mangold, Valentina Morelli, Consuelo Nunez Ciuffa
IaN+: Juliette Dubroca, Simone Lapenta
ma0/emmeazero: Manfredi Mazziotta
Mario Cutuli: Marco Bordone
Project location: Kush Rod, Injil district, Herat, Afghanistan
Structures: Studio Croci Associati: Federico Croci
Botanic Consultant: Ong GVC: Luigi Politani
Construction Manager: Ali Reza Taheri
Project Officer: PRT di Herat (Emanuele Aresu, Gioacchino D’Aniello, Antonino Inturri, Marco De Micco)
Developer: Behsazan Sharq Building & Construction Co.
Workgroup Coordination: Fondazione Maria Grazia Cutuli
Sponsor: Colour Fabric San Marco Venice, ANCE Catania (National Association of Builders)
Site Area: 2000 sqm (40×50 m)
School Area: 650 sqm
Garden: 700 sqm
Vegetable garden: 650 sqm
Starting of the workshop: March 2010
Completion date: April 2011

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